Thanks Celena....

Here are the rules: 1) Post rules on your blog 2) Answer the six '8' items 3) Let each person know by leaving them a comment.

8 favorite TV shows: yeah, yeah...

1. Color Splash
2. Rate My Space
3. Man vs Food
4. 20/20
5. Snapped
6. Dirty Jobs
7. I survived
8. Bad Girls Club

8 Things I did yesterday: I'm 9 Months pregnant.. How much trouble can I get into?

1. Worked 8-5.
2. Made a bomb dinner for myself and Hubby.. He wasn't there.. but the thought is what counts!
3. Iced my feet & ankles
4. Watched the Real World... I love reality shows, get over it...
5. Played with the dog
6. Did my laundry for today.. which I forgot to dry, so it was pointless.
7. Craved ice cream... So took myself and the dog for a ride to Cold Stone. LOVE IT!
8. Relaxed in bed and hung with the animals before sleepy time.

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. Addison coming into the world!
2. Expanding the house and fixing it up.
3. Shopping for my little girl. I know, but it is so much fun!
4. Going on a well needed vacation, to ANYWHERE really...
5. Drinking a very tasty glass of wine :)
6. Losing all of this pregnancy weight... Hello Gym!
7. Finding a new job so I can stay at home more... good luck with that!
8. Actually getting to see my Hubby... I never see him anymore!

8 favorite restaurants: I love food, what can I say!

1. Kevin's Cooking! He is amazing!
2. Silvercity Brewery
3. Olive Garden
4. Bajio.... I've been craving it, and they don't have one in WA!
5. Betos - Texano Burrito- yet, not in WA
6. Puerto Vallarta
7. Buca di Beppo
8. anything SUSHI baby!

8 Things on my wish list: they will all come true, believe that!

1. Be an amazing mother, just like my mom!
2. To be 135 lbs like I used to... WAY back in the day, ha ha
3. Have an amazing career in Marketing/Advertising
4. Buy a home with a water view... they are SO expensive!
5. Learn how to control my spending habbits
6. Take more pictures and put them in a photo album for my child to see.
7. Pay off the two cars and be completely debt free!
8. Be the best wife

8 people I tag: You know you want to :)

1. Celena
2. Rachel
3. Chandice
4. Jamie
5. Chrissy
6. Janice
7. LynDee
8. Ashley


Celena said...

I'm so happy you did it. Most people don't do it and that's ok. I loved reading what you had to say. You know you could always come and vacation with me? You know you want to! :0)

Celena said...

Where did you go? I miss you and I would like to see pictures of your little girl. I am so happy for you!