First Tooth & Christmas

Addi has had a lot going on lately... Her teething has kept her up at night, and made her very ornery to say the least. One of her problems has seemed to go away for the time being.... Her first tooth rubbed in last weekend, and that makes her a bit happy! Unfortunately that day was my birthday, and she ended up with a massive fever... so much for dinner plans... but I didn't mind, I got to be with my amazing family and that's all that really matters to me!

Christmas was so much more special this year! It was Addi's first, and the holiday couldn't have been better! We spent Christmas Eve with my family... Playing with the kids, and eating amazing grub... And Christmas day was spent with Kev's family. Grammy got the babe a cute santa outfit... (I will post pictures as soon as I stop being lazy, I promise!) All in all the holiday was amazing, and so extremely special to have such a happy and healthy family!

As for the little one... She is growing up so fast, it's hard to believe I used to have a newborn 9 months ago. She is now crawling all over the place, pulling everything off the shelves, and of course putting EVERYTHING in her mouth! She is the most pleasant little girl I have ever seen, and it makes me smile every time I hear her giggle (which is a LOT!).. She is now to the age where she tries to mimic everything that you say and do, and since her tooth is coming in now, she sticks out her tongue quite frequently. She loves to say Hi, and flail her hand in the air as if she were waving... and she LOVES giving kisses to the people she loves.

Honestly, I have had a lot going on since the last post... I'm not much of a writer or blogger, and even though I don't put half of the amazing things that happen in my life on here, I still try to keep in touch! Until next time! Oh, and I'll try to get new pics up before the next post too :)



Travis and Celena said...

Yeah a new post. So glad to hear that everything is going well. I can't beliveve she is 9 months old. I swear you just had her. :0)

Travis and Celena said...

I'm requesting a new post with pictures please! :0)