my abandoned blog....

That's right, I'm a total SLACKER! I've had a couple people remind me to post to the blog for some time, and still not enough motivation. I love looking at others blogs, seriously. I could research the crap out of a craft, feel like I'm in the middle of some random person's family outing, or get some amazing recipes on hand... But when it comes time to write about myself and my own family, I become frozen.

Obviously a lot has happened within the past almost year. Holy crap! It's been a year? wow...

Addi has gotten much bigger, and is incredibly bright for her age. She has been going to an incredible Montessori school for almost a year now, and is definitely soaking up all of the goodness to what they have to offer. I am incredibly happy we chose that school for her, probably the best investment we've made thus far!
 Halloween she decided to be a Tea Party Princess because she LOVES having Tea Parties! Costume was adorable and she LOVED going to each house! We went out that night with her Cousin Q and had a complete blast!!

Christmas was a magical time this year. Addi actually got really excited for Santa to come this year, and was starting to comprehend why he came. She still talks about baby Jesus all the time, and has even started to call our friend's newborn Baby Jesus (His name is Jeremy, but we don't correct her, it's pretty funny)  Addi has been incredibly scared of Santa for the past few years, and even though she was as well this year, she pushed through her fear. I told her about a month before Christmas that she wouldn't get presents until she sat on his lap and told him what she wanted. I think that helped a bit, because she was determined to get presents like the other kids. Once we got to the mall to see Santa a few weeks before Christmas, she told me how brave she was, and walked right up to him. She didn't say a word, and had a completely straight face the entire time, but she did it! We are so proud of our baby for working through her fear! Afterward, she said she isn't scared of him anymore! (Sorry, I don't have any pics to upload right now)

We took Addi to her first concert a couple of months ago, YO GABBA GABBA!! She was so excited until we got to our seats. I think she was so nervous for seeing them in real life, that she was quite overwhelmed. The entire concert she was completely still, and if I started dancing or singing, she freaked out. Once we left the theater, she started dancing and singing... Maybe when she is a bit older we will have a bit more success.

Addi has the most funny outgoing personality I've ever seen in a kiddo, she makes me laugh constantly. But she also has the other amazing side that is so incredibly caring and sincere. If anyone were to get hurt, or she were to accidentally make you feel bad, she will apologize constantly and make sure you get back to being happy.

Lately we have been talking about becoming a big sister, not saying that one in on the way yet, but talking. Addi is incredibly excited to become a big sister, and would want a brother or a sister, she doesn't care, she just wants one. She would be the most amazing big sister, and hopefully we will be blessed with another baby on the way in the months to come! 

Hopefully I will keep up on my blog more often, the least I can do is try!
Much love!

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John~Chelsey~Enorah~Dash said...

Thank you:) She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!