Valentines Heart Kitty

For valentines this year, I wanted Addi to be involved in making her own gifts for her friends at school. I know she loves kitties, because she terrorizes her own kitty Ruby all of the time. Thought this project was very fitting, and oh so easy! They turned out fantastic, and Addi was SO excited to take them to school for all of her friends!

  • construction paper or cardstock for the card (we used a cut-up painting my daughter made at preschool)
  • one large heart for the head (we cut ours from construction paper)
  • two medium hearts for ears (we used foam stickers)
  • one small heart for the nose (we used a sticker)
  • googly eyes
  • marker for drawing whiskers
  • glue
You can make your kitties out of whatever you have on hand — paper, felt, fabric, stickers, doilies, etc. We made one kitty together, then my daughter was able to refer to that one to make the rest. We added a printed label that says, “You are a purr-fect friend!” .

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