DIY Rustic Planter

An idea popped into my head the other night while at the hardware store, and just had to make a planter with adorable pots and succulents. It was actually really simple.

What you do:
1.  Get a piece of wood that is fairly wide, any width you desire.  I had Home Depot cut our wood to 36 inches long, and will save the remaining piece for another project:)

2.  Stain the wood to any color you'd like. I used Kona stain, and it turned out just right! Rust-Oleum 8 Oz. Kona Stain
3.  Attach the loops (4 pieces) to all 4 corners of the wood.
Steel Ceiling Hooks (5-Pack)

4.  Attach (4) ceiling hooks to the area you want the planter, make sure you measure the size of the planter and duplicate on the ceiling.

5.  Find a chain to hang the planter. I used 2" for each side (4 pieces total), but will have to cut it down a little.

6.  Use (8) S hooks to attach the loop to the chain, and the chain to the ceiling mount.
Zinc Plated 1-1/2 in. S-Hook (30 Pieces)

7.  ENJOY!

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