Baby isn't so Baby anymore....

I can't believe my baby is turning 3 in a couple weeks. Makes me start thinking about what really happened with the time we've had together, we sure have has a whole lot of fun! Addi is so incredibly amazing! She is so dang smart, funny and extremely talkative. She is so shy when she meets a person, maybe for 5 minutes, and then watch out! She will talk your ear off! She knows full sentences and has incredible grammar than most kids her age, which amazes me. She is so witty. She just knows the right words to tell you, and if she's in trouble, she will sweet talk you out of any punishment. We just got her into swimming lessons because of her FEAR for water, and has done wonderful! She is getting to a solid point that is almost dunking her head, which is a huge accomplishment for her! We are incredibly proud of how far she has come! She simply melts her Momma's heart, plain and simple. Addi is the apple of our eye, and couldn't imagine life any other way!

I made this card for  her birthday party, which is extremely fitting because she LOVES to have tea parties and serve pretend cupcakes.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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