My Next Crafty Crafts...

I'm always looking for a new craft to fill my desire in life... Knowing that we are trying for a baby right now, and how I LOVE the whole nesting period in a pregnancy, gets me thinking about nothing more than Babies!

I know, you may be thinking... "I thought you told the entire social network that you were preggo." Well I have to admit that It has not been easy to admit this.. I have been devastated, and It's not exactly an easy subject... But... We lost the baby. I would never wish that on anyone, it was extremely hard to accept. But it is true. I am very thankful for such an amazing husband and family, and can't wait to hear good news that I am pregnant once more. I have come to accept that it was just not the right time, and my time too will come. 

I haven't dared tell Addi yet, I don't want to confuse her or make her sad. She is so extremely excited to be a big sister, and we even started buying baby things. It would break my heart to tell her the bad news. For that reason, I hope that I do get pregnant soon so she can just think it's a super long pregnancy. (toddlers think a year is really 10, so whats a few more months, right?)

Anyway, back to the subject that I really wanted to post about.... Didn't mean to get off subject, but I had to let the world know.

We all can't wait to bring another bundle of joy into our lives, and with me being the super crafty one, thought these would be fitting. Once I do the actual crafts, I will do an update. These look so cute, and super fun to do also!

Cute baby hats w/ Flowers:)  Tutorial Here
Made out of some knit fabric that you can find on clearance at any fabric store, cut out two half circles, sew the outside together and voila! An adorable hat for a precious baby!

The Bapron seen here 

Diaper Pouch Tutorial Here 

Great for moms on the go, or if you don't want to pack around a HUGE diaper bag!

Oh so Adorable Nursing Cover Tutorial Here
Will be making one of these:)

How cute and super easy is that? I know, right?

And a little somethin' somethin' for my adorable Addi girl. Definitely can't forget her!
Check out this adorable dress tutorial

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