DIY Burlap Banner

I made a couple of these banners for a party, and they turned out fantastic.

1. Cut burlap into sections measuring 4 1/2" x 5 1/2". You want the exact amount of burlap squares that you have of letters. Ex. Happy Birthday is 13 Letters, so cut out 13 squares of burlap.
2.With a larger needle and twine thread (or bakers twine), fold over the top of the burlap and sew together all 13 pieces of burlap that you are going to use. Don't cut in between, just keep sliding the burlap pieces down until they are all on. Make sure you save a couple inches on either end to hang the banner.

3. Find craft paper in several different patterns that go together. I chose 5 different patterns that were vintage looking and went together. Cut those into 4"x5"
4. Put the craft paper onto the burlap, and using the needle and bakers twine. Poke a hole thru the burlap and craft paper, making sure it stays in place, and tie a knot or bow. (whatever you prefer)
4. Place the letters on the craft paper in the center.
My sister used her Cricut machine to make the letters cut out of plain black paper, but i'm sure you can cut them out by hand.
5. Using Mod Podge, the most amazing thing to use with crafts, and put some on back of the letter to adhere to the craft paper, and with a brush mod podge the entire craft paper and letter so it all becomes one. Let dry before folding up.

Voila! Banner is now done, and cuter than ever!

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