DIY Cake Stand

It seems as though all sorts of cute party decorating items are “all the rage” these days–cake stands, tiered plates, apothecary jars, hurricane lamps, etc. I love these items, but there is often one big problem! The price tag.
This might just be the easiest DIY project on the planet. This is all you need:
 A candle holder, a plate, and some glue! For this particular stand, the candle stick holder is from the dollar store (& spray painted white) and the plate is a salad plate from the Easter line at Target. Total cost = $2.79
To construct your stand, glue around the rim of the candle holder.
 You can add a little circle of glue on the underneath side of the plate for good measure.
 Stick the two together and let dry. ( The materials I used wouldn't adhere with the gluestick. I had to resort to Gorilla glue, but it had the same results!)
 Then, voila, an adorable cake stand for next to nothing!

In addition to the fantastic price & ease of construction, I love that the possibilities are nearly endless! Customize plates for your household decor or specific holidays; use different sizes/colors of candle holders & plates to create different looks; or stack different sizes to make tiered stands.
So, next time you’re doing some thrifty shopping at the dollar store, thrift stores, or garage sales, be on the look out for plates & candle stick holders to do your DIY cake stands!

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