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We are happy to announce that Baby Shelton is coming to town January 2014! I cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for this, and how EXCITED Addi is to have a brother or a sister.  She told me that if it's a Girl, we are naming her Belle... And If it's a boy, well The Beast, duh!

We have decided to convert 1/2 of our unusable garage into a 3rd bedroom, so Addi can move in there and the baby can have her old room.  My dad is the go-to man when it comes to construction, so that should start next weekend! I'll definitely be updating the blog as we go. Should be loads of fun!

I on the other hand, even though I LOVE to play with wood and construction, have been hard at work designing BOTH of the rooms.  Addi wants a big girl room, more sophisticated and her age... And then I get to design a whole new nursery! I can't tell you how excited I am to start planning! I just wish I could find out the sex sooner so I can get the colors in order!

Here's mine and Addi's choices for her room:
Her bedding choice...Shabby chic bed
Crazy Wonderful: big girl room reveal!reading nookTessa Jean's Sassy & Bright Big Girl Room My Room - Apartment Therapy
Circus Themed Nursery Accessories
girl's room/nurseryStained wood

AND... Ideas for the baby's room!
Gray Jenny Lind Crib gray and yellow decor   # Pin++ for Pinterest #Jenny Lind crib painted
boys roomebony in ultra chic nurseryLay Baby Lay - Nursery/Kid's Room design with links to individual items, great inspirationFox Inspired Nursery
super sweet nursery, love those colorsgirls roombeautiful nursery
Wall of book's in baby's nurserybook section
Reupholstered Gliderupholstered glider

I can't wait to start seeing the transformation! Stay tuned to updates throughout the months!!

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Travis and Celena said...

How exciting, I am so happy for you guys and anxious already to see pictures of Baby Shelton!

The rooms look so cute and I love being able to makeover rooms. I can't wait to do Reagan's and Apolo's room when we get to the top floor of our house.

Congratulations again!