Baby Jude & The Reno

So we have been super busy lately, mostly due to the fact that I am pregnant with Jude, our baby boy Due date is January 23, 2014. We have been swamped with chores around the house, nothing big really, just a little RENOVATION of 1/2 of the garage. We converted it into Addi's new "princess room" as she calls it, and just as of lately, finished the entire project!

Oh, and in the process of the reno, we went on a huge 10 day trip to DISNEY WORLD!! Words cannot describe how amazing it was, and how much fun we had in those 10 days, but we will definitely be back! We talk about it all the time, and wish we were there most of the time;)

The next few months will go by quickly as we get ready for Jude's arrival. We've repainted Addi's old room to boy colors, painted his changing table/dresser, reupholstered his gliding chair and ottoman & stained, and found the perfect theme! What is better than a nautical theme for the beautiful PNW! We think it will be pretty spectacular, and just know that Jude will LOVE it!

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Travis and Celena said...

Cute rooms! I am so excited for you and baby boy is just around the corner. I can't believe how big your little girl has gotten. She looks so much like you.