Twenty-Four Weeks & Still Kickin

Yep... the bun is still in the oven, slowly baking.. I have a while to go, but I think positive... at least I'm more than half way there! It could be worse! Addi is kicking SO much now, It's the most insane, but best feeling in the world! Kev and I have been talking about what color to paint the room, but I haven't quite yet decided. I figure there is still a little bit of time left before it has to go up. I do have all of the essentials... Car Seat, Swing, Bath Set, Stroller, and High Chair.. Now I know it will be a bit before she gets to use the high chair, but I had to get it... I needed everything to go together. I bought these a couple months ago, but I'm so picky, I couldn't just let anyone get them for me! I am getting bigger each day... Some people stay so thin, and you can barely tell they are pregnant.. I'm not saying i'm fat or anything, by no means am I fat.. but I will definitely not be that really thin prego girl walking down the street.

Kevin has started 12 hour days at work, which makes it really hard for me... Plus SUPER lonely! He works 6PM to 6AM, which is probably killing him! I can tell he is exhausted, and his body wants to shut down! I admire him for working so much, and providing for our family! He is such an amazing person! Hopefully he won't stay long on that shift! It would be nice once Addi comes though, so we don't have to pay much for daycare.

I have been decorating for Christmas around the house, which I don't usually get in to. This year, being alone with the dog and cats, I've come to find myself spending time on things I didn't usually like to do. I have been finding new ways to decorate, and it's actually quite fun! I also have gotten back into painting, so that has been a really great hobby for me!

It's been so great having my mom in town! My dad was going crazy without her, but ever since she moved here, I feel like I am whole again. It's crazy how much my mom and I need each other, but I couldn't ask for anything more! She is my best friend, and gives the BEST advice! Even though she is totally crazy at times, I gotta love that woman!

I can't wait for Christmas, and especially giving presents to Lorelai and Kadyn... I love how kids faces light up! I can't wait until Addi gets to experience the Christmas extravaganza!

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Celena said...

I am so glad that everything is going well for you. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby. I would love to see pictures of you and your belly. It's funny the things that you find you enjoy doing are during the times when you have nothing else to do. Something that seemed so bad before, doesn't seem so bad after all.