Baby Baby Baby

I'm always looking for a new craft to fill my desire in life... Knowing that we are trying for a baby right now, and how I LOVE the whole nesting period in a pregnancy, gets me thinking about nothing more than Babies!

I know, you may be thinking... "I thought you told the entire social network that you were preggo." Well I have to admit that It has not been easy to admit this.. I have been devastated, and It's not exactly an easy subject... But... We lost the baby. I would never wish that on anyone, it was extremely hard to accept. But it is true. I am very thankful for such an amazing husband and family, and can't wait to hear good news that I am pregnant once more. I have come to accept that it was just not the right time, and my time too will come. 

I haven't dared tell Addi yet, I don't want to confuse her or make her sad. She is so extremely excited to be a big sister, and we even started buying baby things. It would break my heart to tell her the bad news. For that reason, I hope that I do get pregnant soon so she can just think it's a super long pregnancy. (toddlers think a year is really 10, so whats a few more months, right?)

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